A man arrested for stealing his head and killing a cow

A man arrested for stealing his head and killing a cow

A 46-year-old man was arrested on Friday for stealing his head after killing a cow on a ranch, police said.

A Filipino citizen, identified as Osualdo Alemania Galindo, is suspected of slaughtering a 1.8-meter-long cow with his accomplice at the Sakahogi Ranch, Gifu Prefecture, early Friday.

Police did not reveal whether the suspect admitted the charges.

According to police, when a policeman tried to talk to Garind and another man on a street in the nearby city at around 4 am, the other man escaped. Police officers spotted blood stains on Garindo’s bike, and about two hours later police received reports from the ranch that one of the cows had died during cattle slaughter.

A 500 kilogram, 4-year-old cow’s body was found just outside the ranch fence, lacking the head and right forelimb. The whereabouts of the man with Garind remained unknown, and the missing part of the cow had not been found, police said.

Police are also investigating the possibility of prosecution for suspected animal law violations.

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