A remote-controlled VR robot to start work this summer at a convenience store in Japan

I rarely drop in at many convenience stores in Japan to have a snack or drink something. However, walking along the front door is waiting for attractive rice balls and sweets drinks, but robots may soon appear.

Convenience store chain FamilyMart announced a partnership with Tokyo-based robotics company Telexistence. Both companies will explore ways to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs by using Telexistence technology to stock products in FamilyMart stores.

However, of particular interest to this project is that full automation is not always the goal. Instead of turning FamilyMart’s branch into an essentially huge vending machine, instead of automatically exchanging products when a customer selects a product to buy, a human being using a VR terminal in another location Plans to use a remote control robot operated by.

FamilyMart hopes that once the system is successfully implemented, employees will not have to go to the site to work, increasing the flexibility of their work and reducing the number of stores where local employees cannot be found. It is about being able to do business for employees. Of the employee.

Test facilities will be launched this summer at specific locations at FamilyMart in Tokyo, and if the test yields a positive result, the robot will have inventory on 20 branch shelves by 2022 and then further expansion. I have a goal. Still, don’t forget that the plan is not to make all FamilyMart locations robotic Manners for shopping at convenience stores in Japan..

Source: Press Release, Asahi Shimbun Digital

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