Facebook ad boycott organizer makes no progress on hate speech

A Facebook ad boycott organizer pledged to continue their campaign on Tuesday, saying top social network executives couldn’t provide meaningful action in curbing offensive content.

At a virtual conference involving Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, leaders of the #StopHateForProfit federation said, “Hear nothing today to convince us that Zuckerberg and his colleagues are taking action. No,” said Jessica Gonzalez, a free press for the activist group.

The conference was held in a grown boycott of nearly 1,000 advertisers pressing more aggressive action from Facebook on toxic and inciting content that fosters violence and hatred.

“I’m deeply disappointed that Facebook still refuses to take responsibility for its users, advertisers, and society at large,” Gonzalez said in a statement.

“It’s not the end. We’ll be expanding the boycott until Facebook takes our demands seriously. We can’t be distracted by Facebook confusion today or at any time.”

Sleeping Giants, another activist group involved in the boycott, said Facebook executives “will not take any real action to deal with the hatred and disinformation on their platform” I said.

The boycott has been spurred by a wave of protests for social justice and racial equity, and has grown to include global brands and small businesses participating in efforts to put pressure on Facebook.

Some activists say Facebook should take more action to curb false information from political leaders, including President Donald Trump, and limit his comments, which critics say will promote violence and division. I say.

Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer Cheryl Sandberg will add more to remove toxic and discriminatory content earlier Tuesday, prior to discussions with a boycott organizer led by the NAACP, Color of Change, and Anti-Defamation League. Promised to take action.

She added that Silicon Valley giants will announce policy updates as a result of discussions with civil rights activists and an independent audit of civil rights practices.

“Facebook has to be good at finding and removing offensive content,” Sandberg wrote.

“It’s right, not for financial reasons or advertiser pressure.”

Sandberg said the final report on an independent civil rights audit was released Wednesday after a two-year review, which will be used to guide Facebook’s policy changes.

“The audit was planned, and much of it happened long before the recent events, but the disclosure couldn’t come at a more significant time,” she said.

“We don’t make all the changes they ask for, but we do many of their suggestions right away.”

Boycott organizers are looking for top-level executives to appreciate the independent audit of “Products and Policies for Discrimination, Prejudice, and Hate,” and “Identity-based Hate and False Information.”

Gonzalez said Facebook should be responsible for promoting violence on the platform, including the Rohingya massacre in Myanmar and the massacres advertised or streamed on Facebook.

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