Microsoft, Zoom suspended for data request in Hong Kong

On Tuesday, Microsoft and Zoom joined other major Internet companies that stopped considering the request for user information by the Hong Kong government, subject to China’s enforcement of widespread new security legislation.

Microsoft and Zoom have said they are suspending consideration of data requests by Hong Kong officials or police, which is also a precautionary measure by Facebook, Google and Twitter.

“As with any new law, we are considering it to understand its implications,” Microsoft said in an AFP study.

“In the past, requests from Hong Kong authorities were usually relatively small, but we are currently reviewing them, so we have suspended these requests.”

Zooming into the booming video conferencing platform during the pandemic, it said it is monitoring Hong Kong trends and is looking for guidance from the US government.

“Zoom supports free and open thinking and the exchange of ideas,” the company said.

“We have suspended processing of all data requests from and related to Hong Kong SAR.”

According to Silicon, the suspension of the major online social network Facebook and its popular messaging service WhatsApp remains “waiting for further evaluation” of the new national security law, “with formal human rights due diligence and human rights experts. Consultation” is included. The giant of the valley.

“We believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and uphold the right to express people’s security and other consequences without fear,” said a spokesman.

Twitter and Google told AFP that they would not respond to information requests from Hong Kong authorities in the near future.

Last week, China imposed security law on a city of approximately 7.5 million people, banning subversion, secession, terrorism, and conspiracy with foreign troops.

The law provides that trials can be conducted in closed rooms without a jury and criminals are subject to maximum life imprisonment.

The legislation, which sent a wave of terror across the territory, treated criticisms of opposition, such as demands for independence or autonomy.

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