Sumo: Hakuho withdrew from July tournament, both Yokozuna withdrew

Sumo: Hakuho withdrew from July tournament, both Yokozuna withdrew

Born in Mongolia, Yokozuna Hakuho has retired for three days from the Grand Sumo Tournament on Friday in July.

According to Mr. Miyagino, a dressage man, Hakuho suffered his second defeat at the 15-day tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan, and was involved in the Ontake Sea by pushing up the moon.

Hakuho suffers a straight mess for the second time at the Sumo Tournament on July 30, 2020. (Joint)

Kyoryu, a Yokozuna born in Mongolia, dropped out of the race on the second day. After January’s New Year, tournaments will be held without both wrestlers being ranked higher.

Second place Ozeki Asanoyama will remain 11-1 after Thursday’s match.

35-year-old Hakuho competed in the tournament, aiming for the record-breaking 45th Emperor’s Cup. He won 10 straight bouts before losing the next two.

His fifteenth time in his career is missing out on all or part of the grand tournament, winning one win and three games in three days since he left the first tournament in just four days. This is the first time I have been defeated.

His intended opponent, sekiwake Shodai, lost on his Friday.

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