Sumo: Terno Fuji wins comeback tournament

Sumo: Terno Fuji wins comeback tournament

Former Oteru Seki Teruno Fuji has made a spectacular return to Sunday’s top division by overwhelming the Kanko Mitake Sea, which will be the final day of the July sumo tournament.

By winning the penultimate match on the 15th day, fighting as 28-year-old 28-year-old Rank 17 Maebashi, gaining a 13-2 record at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, avoiding a tiebreaker playoff Did.

Former Fuji of Ozeki Teru is involved in the July Sumo Tournament on August 2, 2020 and will make a spectacular revival with a victory with Mitake Umi as the final day. (Joint)

The defeat saw the Mongolians fall into a tripartite alliance with the last Sakaku Masahiro (11-4) winner of the day, Mitake Kai (11-4) and Ozeki Asanoyama (12-3). Would be

After gripping the outer belt in the jump, Terno Fuji immediately moved his fellow excellent performance award winner Mitakeumi backwards, winning his championship for the first time in over five years.

The Ulaanbaatar native fought last in the sumo wrestling elite Makuuchi division in January 2018, but both knee and ill injuries upset his career. His previous top-level championship participated in the 2015 Summer Grand Tournament.

The newly crowned champion honors his family, the stables, and the stables, Isegahama, during his long climbs, after considering several retirements.

“When I got down, there were people who were rooting for me: my family, the owner of the stable, and all the members of my stable. Thanks to their support, I could return. I did it,” he said.

“A lot of things happened, but in the end I finally faced this day. I believed this day I could smile, if I worked hard, I would Will be seen.”

The title looked like a two-horse race between Terunofuji and Asanoyama as Grand Champion and first tournament leader Hakuho were injured 12 days later.

However, after winning the encounter with Asanoyama on the 13th day, Terunofuji lost the chance to win the title that was lost to the Hatsudai the next day.

As a result, Masayo returned to the race, and the doors to Mt. Asano and Mt. Mitake remained open.

Asanoyama won the first generation. (Joint)

On the other hand, Ms. Asano missed the chance to return to the 1st place tie with the second consecutive loss of 7th Terukichi (8-7) on 14th.

However, the new Ozeki has completed a strong show in his debut tournament, surpassing the first in the sumo’s second highest rank.

Asanoyama was denied grip, but by holding down his momentum and making full use of his strength, he demonstrated the strength of being a candidate for Ozeki with 11 wins.

Komusubi Daieisho won the 11th prize for excellence by defeating No. 10 virtuoso (10-5).

A 26-year-old from Saitama prefecture, he finished a strong tournament with 6 consecutive victories aiming for a record from 11 to 4.

In a battle between grapplers aiming for the 10th win of the tournament, Okinoumi Komusubi (9-6) lost to Tamahashi (10-5) in 9th place.

Okinoumi opened aggressively for a belt grip, but Tamahashi broke his balance before making an overarm throw.

On the final day, No.12 Sadaki (8-7) pushed out No.16 Nishiki (6-9), setting a new record.

The July meeting was the first grand tournament to take place four months after the May event was canceled by the new coronavirus pandemic. Moved from a traditional location in Nagoya to reduce travel during a pandemic.

The Ryogoku Kokugikan maintained one-quarter of its ability to prevent the spread of viruses that cause pneumonia.

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