Sumo: The first generation, Teruyoshi, will perform a big mess on the second day.

Sumo: The first generation, Teruyoshi, will perform a big mess on the second day.

Rank fighter Terutsukichi won a dramatic victory each day saying that he should be involved on Saturday, and surprised the second day from the end of the July sumo tournament.

The first generation threw the first show by throwing a monkey wrench into this year’s talk of a good sumo feel. It was the second defeat of Maeterunofuji in front of the 17th, and it was not possible to win the first victory in five years.

Terno Fuji, who fought in the elite in-house division for the first time since January 2018, was still able to hold his one-win tournament lead. It brought a shocking victory to Koseki Asanoyama, a stable companion to his 7th tsutsukichi’s Isegaham.

At the finale, Terutsuyoshi (8-6) rushed his head to Ozeki’s waist, wrapped his opponent’s left foot, and turned him over with a tremendous orthodox upset.

No. 17 Terunofuji Mae front emerged as Kanwake Shodai on the second-to-last day at the Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan and planned to lose the second time at the Grand Sumo Tournament in July. (Joint)

“I was thinking about how my opponent would start the match last night, so I thought I could only win one shot,” said Teruyoshi. “So he (Ternofuji) still has the only lead. I want him to win tomorrow.”

When the big game of the day was ready, Koshiro was able to jump on his opponent and return Ternofuji to the straw.

When Terunofuji caught the opposite move, Shodai pulled him down and out of balance. Terunofuji temporarily escaped, but could not dodge the first beltless arm throw.

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